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When starting out with crochet thread, one of the most commonly asked questions is: What type of hook do I need? The second most commonly asked question is, what size hook to use with the different sizes of crochet thread.

Here we will answer both questions and give you a guide to which hook to use with your crochet threads.

First of all, what type of hook to use? 

When working with crochet, typically, a metal hook is used. While you can use an appropriately sized plastic or bamboo hook, metal is most often recommended.

Why metal hooks?

Basically so that they don’t bend. Metal hooks are stiffer and easier to use when working with the finer threads. Thin plastic or bambo hooks can bend leading them to be uncomfortable and difficult to work with. Metal hooks will retain their shape, particularly when working with the thinner threads.

Hook Sizes

Hooks used with crochet threads are sized differently from regular hooks.

In metal hooks the larger the number the smaller the hook. This matches how thread sizes work, where the larger the number the smaller the thread.

This is the opposite of how hooks for yarns work. With yarns and regular hooks, the larger the number the larger hook or yarn respectively.

So a size 30 crochet thread is much smaller (thinner) than say, a size 10. Like wise a 10 is smaller than a size 8 or size 3. 

So, a size 12 (.60 mm) hook will be much smaller than a size 10 (1.30 mm) hook.

Ok, I think I am catching on but …

Got a reference for me?

Sure look at the table below.

Thread Size Brands Carried By Lyn’s Crafts Hook Size  (mm) Hook Size (Number)
100   0.60 mm 14
80   0.60 mm 13,14
60   0.75 mm 12,13
40   1.00 mm 11,12,13
30 Omega 1.00 mm 10, 11,12
20 Lizbeth (20) 1.25 mm 9,10
10 Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Classic, Lizbeth (10) 1.50 mm – 1.75 mm 7,8
8 Monaco 1.75 mm 6
3 Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3.5 mm – 3.75 mm 3, 4

Look for Lyn’s Crafts to add a line hooks that match with the threads we offer. Once the hooks are in and added to our website we will update this blog.

Thanks, Lyn

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