We review Monaco Crochet thread, a unique and versatile crochet thread

Monaco Crochet Thread

Today we review one our best-selling crochet threads, Monaco crochet thread. Imported from the Philippines, Monaco crochet thread is a wonderful thread with many uses.

Brief History of Monaco

The Monaco Thread Company was established in 1958, by Mr. Chua Yap Chek, to make bag closing threads. Over the years the company grew and added new products and services to its offerings.

Today the Monaco Manufacturing Corporation has two offices, the main office in Manila and a smaller office in Cebu.

While the company serves many domestic and international markets, it’s Monaco crochet thread is not widely exported.


Most of the products produced by the Monaco Manufacturing Corporation are for use by other manufacturers within the textile and garment industries, however, they also make a line of hobbyist products, including crochet thread.

The cotton crochet thread only comes in size 8. There are 80 solid and 23 variegated colors. All of the threads are 100% mercerized cotton.

monaco crochet threads 1009 scaled
Monaco Crochet Thread Size 8


Monaco crochet thread is interesting, in that is it one of the few size 8 threads. It occupies a sweet spot between the standard size 3 and 5, and the more popular size 10.

Being size 8 means it just a bit thicker than size 10 making it a little bit easier to work with if you are just starting out.

The balls are 175 meters (191 yards long) and weigh in at 50 grams each. The threads are incredibly soft and easy to work with.

The color quality is outstanding, with a bit of a sheen, typical in mercerized crochet threads.

One of the best features of the Monaco line is the number of available colors. With 80 solid and 23 variegated colors your have a lot of options for your projects. Unlike Aunt Lydia’s where there are only 52 in total, the 103 colors from Monaco provide much greater variety.

The downside to Monaco is ball size. At only 50 grams/191 yards you must make sure, you get enough up front, to finish your projects. This is like Lizbeth, though Lizbeth was designed for tatting, thus shorter yardage is acceptable.

The other issue with Monaco is availability. Lyn’s Crafts is one of the few, if not the only, companies that carry the full line of Monaco Crochet Thread, here in the US. There are some folks selling Monaco on Amazon, eBay and Etsy, but they usually carry a small subset of what is available. Lyn’s Crafts carries the full line.

Importing Monaco is not easy. We can do it because I am from the Philippines and have connections that I can trust when money is involved. Buying from products from overseas always come with some risk and we don’t recommend that you try it, unless you are familiar with the people, culture and customs of the place you are attempting to purchase from.  At Lyn’s Crafts, we take that risk so that you don’t have to. All of our orders are shipped from the US via USPS.


Monaco crochet thread is great choice for knitters and crocheters of all levels. It comes in a wide variety of colors, with excellent depth and saturation. Just make sure you buy enough because each ball is only 191 yards long.

When you buy from Lyn’s Crafts your orders are shipped from the US in 1 to 2 business days. We don’t drop ship so you will get your order quickly.


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