We review Lizbeth Crochet Threads, a tatting thread for crochet

Lizbeth Crochet Threads

Lizbeth Crochet Thread is a brand of thread, made by the Handy Hands company primarily for tatting.

Brief History

The Handy Hands company was founded by Barbara Foster and her family in 1989 after she published a series of books on tatting. The company was incorporated in 1995 and the Lizbeth line of threads was released in 2008.  


There are 5 distinct products offered under the Lizbeth’s Brand name:

  • Lizbeth
  • Lizbeth Metallic
  • Elisa Threads
  • DMC
  • Olympus Size 49

As for the Lizbeth line they have 5 sizes:

ImageProduct NameSizeNo of ColorsYardage
03 609 500Lizbeth3105120
20 621x 500Lizbeth 10216122
20 409twzx 500Lizbeth Twirlz10216122
20 626x 500Lizbeth 20216210
20 406twzx 500Lizbeth Twirlz2020210
20 168x 1000Lizbeth40206300
20 649x 1000Lizbeth 80206184


For our review we will focus on the size 10 and size 20 as these are the most popular sizes.

Lizbeth is made from 100% Mercerized Egyptian cotton and is manufactured in China.

Lizbeth crochet thread is a high quality mercerized crochet thread. They are widely distributed so you can get them at very reasonable, often highly discounted prices, both locally and online. The color quality is excellent.

They are machine washable in warm water, no bleach, and block well.

One of the best features of the Lizbeth line is the variety of colors to choose from. As you can see from the chart above most of the thread lines have over well over 100 different shades for you to choose from. The means that the possibilities are endless.

Lizbeth has one of the largest selections of both solid and variegated colors available. For example, Aunt Lydia’s popular Classic Size 10 has 52 colors, Lizbeth Size 10 has 216 colors.

The only real downside to Lizbeth threads is the yardage. Designed primarily for tatting, which creates small, intricate designs, the balls are relatively small.

For more information on tatting, see our tatting blog post here.

Below is a comparison chart that shows the relative size of the threads we carry. Also we did for our blog post on physical size of the threads we carry here.

ThreadSizes1 scaled
Crochet Thread Size Comparison Chart

So ,just be aware of the size difference and plan accordingly.


Lizbeth is a high quality mercerized crochet thread that comes in a wide variety of colors. The thread are easy to work with and yield exception results. The only downside to Lizbeth is the limited yardage, though, this is by design. Be sure to check the yardage requirements of your projects and plan accordingly.

At Lyn’s Crafts we decided to focus on the size 20 threads. You can shop our selection and take advantage of our every day low prices.

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