Wool Yarn, Top 5 things you should know about it

Kitten with Wool Yarn

What is wool yarn?

Wool is a fiber that originates from various animals that gives many of the benefits we humans seek when knitting or crocheting.

Sheep wool is the most common type of wool, but there are other varieties as well.

Wool yarn is yarn made from sheep’s wool.

This post covers 5 things you need to know about wool yarn.

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Portrait of a white lamb in the sun. Taken in Sussex, England.

Wrinkle Resistant

Wool is an elastic fiber given its coil-like structure.  Wool can be stretched up to 50% when wet (30% when dry) and still return to its original shape.

Think about a wool sweater. You can crumple it up but when you hang it, it returns to is shape without wrinkles.

The stretchyness and wrinkle resistance makes wool perfect for fitted projects that need a little give, like gloves or socks, outdoor wear like sweaters, shawls, and much more.

Water and Fire Resistant

Wool resist flame without chemical treatments due to the moisture content of the fibers. Its tends to char, not burn and will self-extinguish when removed from an open flame.

Due to its cellar structure wool is almost water proof. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before it starts to leak.

Not good for people with allergies

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Wool may not be good for people with allergies

Since wool contains lanolin so it may not be well suited for people with allergies. Lanolin is what gives wool its water resistant properties and people who are sensitive to lanolin should seek out alternatives such as Merino wool.

Very durable

Wool is very durable. Wool fibers are stronger than cotton or silk, making it less likely to rip or tear. This is why many outdoor garments are made from wool or wool blends.

The great insulator

Young woman sitting home by the window in a wool sweater
Young woman sitting home by the window in a wool sweater

Needless to say, wool keeps you warm. Wool fabric traps body heat, providing you a warm layer for the those cold days. The same properties that allow wool to be both water and fire resistant, tear resistant and highly durable contribute to wool’s ability to insulate.

That crocheted sweater, shawl, or blanket will keep you dry and toasty on those cold winder nights.

Good for beginners

Wool is an excellent choice for beginners. High availability and steep discounts make wool an affordable choice for those just starting out in either knitting or crochet.

So start you next project with wool yarn and enjoy.

Wool yarn at Lyn’s Crafts

At Lyn’s Crafts we carry two types Alize Wool Yarn. Both are top quality, size 2 – sport weight yarns. Order yours today!

Alize Angora Gold

alize angora gold 1000 2 scaled
Alize Angora Gold – Size 2 – Solid Color Wool Yarn

Alize Batik Ombre

Alize Ombre Batik
Alize Batik Ombre – Size 2 Gradient Wool Yarn

We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks stopping by and enjoy your next project.


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