Some things you should know about Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Yarn

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Alpaca Yarn has a non-abrasiveness (softness) that effectively contends with mohair and cashmere and is appropriate for articles of clothing that will contact skin. A thick fiber, alpaca yarns give great stitch definition and work magnificently for textured examples.

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Alpacas looking at camera. They are very curious!

Alpaca yarn won’t mat or pill. It contains no lanolin and has a hollow core fiber, which is an advantage over wool yarn. It is much warmer because it traps in air for more thermal capacity.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin

Alpaca yarns have been picking up in popularity over the course of recent years, and it’s no big surprise: alpaca yarn is solid, delicate, and warm.


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Alpaca yarns

Stretchy, soft and warm. Here are some of the characteristics of Alpaca Yarn:

  • Soft – similar to cashmere and mohair
  • Well suited for garments that touch the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good stitch definition
  • Gaining popularity
  • Strong, soft, and warm
  • Will stretch

Best Used For

Its warmth and softness make it perfect for cold weather garments such as scarves, shawls, sweaters, but is it also breath able. It is a good substitute for wool yarn for people with allergies.


Not recommended for

Alpaca tends to be bulky. While there are some lace size alpaca it is typically not well suited for fine details, such as what can be achieved with crochet thread.

Popular Brands

Looking to try some Alpaca yarn, here are some sites to get you started



Alpaca yarn is a naturally occurring animal fiber that is soft, warm and non-abrasive. It is best used for making cold weather apparel and is hypoallergenic making it a good substitute for wool. It is not well suited for delicate, detailed projects.


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