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Everyone loves something that is free. In crochet, we love free patterns. We love being able to make something cute, stylish, or unique without having to pay for the instructions. But, if you took the time to create a pattern, why would you want to give it way? After all, you put a lot time, effort and energy in creating your pattern. Shouldn’t you get paid for it?

Well, think of it as an investment, specially if you have paid patterns or other items that you are selling. Having a free pattern can help you gain exposure and drive traffic to your site, Ravelry or Etsy store. Once someone clicks on the link for your free pattern they will most likely shop your site to see what else you have available. That helps you make additional sales by bringing in traffic. The more traffic you have the more sales you will make.

Another reason to share a free pattern is to give back to the crochet community. We have all downloaded free patterns and used them to make items that we give as gifts, sell at craft fairs, or online. So why not give back to the community by providing a free pattern and share your passion with your fellow crocheters.

At Lyn’s Crafts we have always had a variety of free patterns available to our customers. We have found that it is a great way to drive traffic to our site while giving back to the community.

In the past, we were limited to only sharing the patterns that I wrote. However, now we are able to allow anyone to share a free pattern on our site.

How does it work?

To share a free pattern on our site you will need to be logged in as a registered user. Registration is free and very easy.


Registration/Login Page

Once you are registered and logged in go to the “About” menu and select “Share a Free Pattern”.

Click on “Share a Free Pattern”

At this point you simply fill out the form show below.


Please note: at the bottom of the form there are three (3) buttons for uploading files.

The first button is for uploading the patterns featured image. This is the main image that be displayed on our free patterns page.

The next upload button is for the actual pattern file. This file must be a PDF. 

The last upload button is for an additional picture of the finished pattern. 

That’s it. Once you have successfully submitted your pattern we will review it and post it to our site. Make sure you include your name, email address and a link to your website, or Ravelry or Etsy store so that I can include it with your post. We give full credit to the author of the pattern.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We hope that you will share a pattern with the community and spread the word about Lyn’s Crafts to your fellow crocheters.


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