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New Galleries

We draw inspiration for many sources. To share with you some of the things that inspire our creativity, we have added two new galleries to our website: Lyn’s Flower Gallery and our Poster Gallery.

Lyn’s Flower Gallery

This gallery consists of flowers from Lyn’s garden. Hubby loves to capture the images before the neighborhood wild life eats them. Each spring, as the blossoms appear, we photograph them and pick the best to appear in our gallery. Lyn is very proud of her flowers. Unfortunately, the deer, rabbits, ground hogs, squirrels, and others love to eat Lyn’s garden. It’s so bad at times we call it Lyn’s Salad Bar. We hope you enjoy some relaxing images of her beautiful flowers.

Poster Gallery

 The poster gallery is hubby’s domain. He takes the best pictures from his photography and turns them into frame-able posters. The goal is to eventually sell these posters on our site, but for now, you just enjoy hubby’s creativity.

What is Merch?

Our merch is another creative effort. We are creating a series of product, including: shirts, pillow, coffee mugs, etc., that you can order from our site. The first item list in our merch is an original design for a tee-shirts created by our daughter. We love the image so much we thought it would make a good shirt design. As we create more products they will be added to our merch store and we will announce them here.

All of this is nice, but, where are Lyn’s new crochet patterns?

The patterns are coming. Lyn is very busy with work and school, so her time for pattern creation is a bit limited. However, due to the overwhelming response she has decided to release her eye glass cozy pattern very soon. This is pattern she used to create the eye glass cozy’s in our promotional pictures. In the mean time the Rose pattern is available here and of course can get our Monaco Crochet Thread here.

Do you like the new galleries? Would you like to purchase Lyn’s Eye Glass Cozy pattern? What other patterns would you like to see from Lyn’s Crafts? Let’s us know if the comments below.

Thanks for hanging out with us at Lyn’s Crafts,

Lyn and Art

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