Lyn’s Crafts News for June 2019

Crochet Thread Sale

Who wants more free patterns and tutorials?

Everyone, right. We all like to get something for free and we are no exception. We all love freebies. But what is the best place to find a lot of free crochet patterns and tutorials, Pinterest.

We love using Pinterest for finding new and interesting patterns and tutorials for both crochet and knitting. To make it easier for our followers we have created a number of boards that have loads of patterns and tutorials, with more added every day.

Our top 5 boards are:

Free Crochet Patterns    – over 2,400 pins
Crochet Stitch Tutorials – over 900 pins
Free Knitting Patterns    – over 300 pins
Knitting Stitch Tutorials – over 300 pins
Doily Doilies                     –  over 300 pins

You can find Lyn’s Crafts on Pinterest at: 

Please follow us as we are always adding more pins daily.

But what about free patterns on your website?

We are adding more free patterns to our pattern library daily. Our goal is to add one or two patterns a day from our suppliers. While the patterns and tutorials on Pinterest are more random, the patterns we add to our site are more in aligned with the products we sell. If you are looking for a pattern to go with some of the Aunt Lydia’s or other crochet threads check our our website.

Is that it? Anything else going on at Lyn’s Crafts?

There are a lot of behind the scenes technical things being done to make our site more stable and secure. Hubby has done a number of upgrades and other things to improve performance and security. We want to make sure we provide you with a safe, secure place to shop. So while you might not be able to tell from looking a site, much work has been done behind the scenes.

Oh and one more thing – it is time for a SALE.

Now that we have stocked up it is time that we pass on some savings to you guys. So to help welcome summer and warmer weather – why not, right, we decided to put all of our Cotton Crochet Thread on sale. You can save on Monaco, Aunt Lydia’s, Lizbeth and Omega threads for a limited time. No codes necessary. The sale price is listed on the website, so please shop and enjoy.

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