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5 Free Doily Patterns for Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Size 10

5 Free Doily Patterns for Aunt Lydias Crochet Threads

Here we present 5 Free Doily Patterns for Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Size 10. One of the most popular projects for crochet threads are doilies due to the intricate nature of the stitches used. Relaxing and fun to make, doilies are both functional, use them as place mats or coasters for cups, and decorative. Aunt […]

We review Monaco Crochet thread, a unique and versatile crochet thread

Monaco Crochet Thread

Today we review one our best-selling crochet threads, Monaco crochet thread. Imported from the Philippines, Monaco crochet thread is a wonderful thread with many uses. Brief History of Monaco The Monaco Thread Company was established in 1958, by Mr. Chua Yap Chek, to make bag closing threads. Over the years the company grew and added […]

We review Lizbeth Crochet Threads, a tatting thread for crochet

Lizbeth Crochet Threads

Lizbeth Crochet Thread is a brand of thread, made by the Handy Hands company primarily for tatting. Brief History The Handy Hands company was founded by Barbara Foster and her family in 1989 after she published a series of books on tatting. The company was incorporated in 1995 and the Lizbeth line of threads was […]

We review America’s most popular crochet thread, Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Threads

Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Review

Aunt Lydia’s brand of crochet thread is America’s most popular. Search the internet for crochet thread and Aunt Lydia’s will be at the top the list. But why is it so popular? What make it special? We will explore that and more in this post. Brief History Aunt Lydia’s brand was originally part of the […]

What is Acrylic yarn

Acrylic Yarns

Description Acrylic yarn is a synthetic fiber, formed of polymers created from petroleum products by melting and extruding the materials into long, thin fibers. The properties of acrylic yarn vary depending on the treatment of the fibers.  Tightly twisting fibers results in a strong but rough textured yarn. A looser twist will result in a softer yarn. Characteristics Low […]