Monthly Archives: October 2018

Share a Free Pattern

Share a free crochet pattern with the community and bring in additional traffic to your website, Ravelry or Etsy Store.

New Customer Gallery

Now that the basic site is up and running, and appears stable, we have decided to add some new functions for our customers. This week we have added a Customer Gallery.


From a stitch I liked on FaceBook to a new hand bag. Check out this free pattern and videos.

This post is from an earlier blog but the pattern still yields a great handbag that is fun, easy to make and very functional.

Heliconia: A crocheted piece of tropical paradise

It’s been a long time since I came to my blog!  I have plenty of things to say about my crocheting, well for that long absence, as if my blog has gone AWOL, things have piled up! But that is because I have been creating and designing a lot of patterns. I also went in hibernation to […]

The Dune Crochet Handbag

In this blog I show you how to make this cool handbag I call the Dune Crochet Handbag. Included in the article is a video tutorial on the Tunisian stitch I used.

Blue Berry Afghan Tunisian Crochet Stitch

In this older video Lyn shows you how to make the Tunisian Berry stitch. Please excuse the quality as this video was done a few years ago. You can still learn the stitch and enjoy the music.